Course Authors and Presenters

  • Professor Keith Christian – Professor of Zoology, Research Institute for the Environment and Livelihoods, CDU
  • Dr Steve Reynolds –  Former Adjunct Lecturer, School of Environment, CDU

CDU Academic Staff

  • Dr Carla Eisemberg – Former Research Associate, School of Environment
  • Professor Stephen Garnett – Research Institute for the Environment and Livelihoods
  • Dr Rod Kennett – The North Australian Indigenous Land and Sea Management Alliance (NAILSMA)
  • Associate Professor Renkang Peng – Research Institute for Environment and Livelihoods

Special thanks to:

  • Chris Darwin – Author and Environmentalist, great-great-grandson of Charles Darwin
  • Professor Janet Browne – Lecturer at Harvard University, Charles Darwin Scholar 2014 and Author
  • Professors Peter and Rosemary Grant – Princeton University, Charles Darwin Scholars 2016
  • Professor Daniel Dennett, Tufts University, Charles Darwin Scholar 2018

Project Management and Multimedia Content Creation:

  • CDU Innovative Media Production Studio (IMPS): Alison Lockley, Dan Hartney, Jeff Ballweg, Brian Coulehan, Monica Hilse, Karin Pfister, Helen Rysavy, Paula Wilson, Erin Lawson, Matthew Elvey

About IMPS:

The Innovative Media Production Studio (IMPS) is located at Charles Darwin University (CDU), Darwin, Australia. This work unit was established to create high quality interactive digital learning content for Higher Education and VET teaching units. They work across faculties to develop animation, 3D modelling and graphics, interactive web resources, game based learning resources, innovative video content, and now are working collaboratively in the development and delivery of CDU’s MOOCs.

About Charles Darwin University:

CDU Casuarina Campus (Red 9)

Charles Darwin University (CDU) is based in the capital city of Darwin at the heart of Australia’s tropical north. It is the Australian university located most closely to the Asia-Pacific region.

The University offers a wide range of Higher Education degrees and Vocational Education and Training courses with flexible study options, including part-time, external and online. For more information, visit the CDU website.

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