Biogeography of Wallacea and surrounds

Zoogeography and Wallacea

The study of zoogeography is concerned with finding patterns in the distributions of animals. The area of the Malay Archipelago is particularly interesting because there has been an interaction of animals from Asia with those from Australia. The e-book below discusses the zoogeography of the region, the importance of Wallace’s Line, and provides some examples of groups of animals and how they are distributed in relation to the line.

View e-book: Zoogeography and WallaceView e-book: Zoogeography and Wallace


Interactive Feature: Wallace Line and Biogeography of the Malay Archipelago

Examine aspects of the Malay Archipelago including the geological and geographical features of the region. This interactive also includes information about groups of animals and their distributions in relation to Wallacea.


Interactive Feature: Wallacea and Distribution of Plants Genera

Use the interactive to look at the biology and distributions of specific examples of plants from the Oriental and Australasian regions.




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